Thank you for visiting ✧*:・゚EU customers read ‘Shipping policy’ before purchasing! Next shop update: 10th May @ 6pm BST
Thank you for visiting ✧*:・゚EU customers read ‘Shipping policy’ before purchasing! Next shop update: 10th May @ 6pm BST
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“Where do you buy your beads?”

This is the question I get asked the most - I mainly buy my beads from Etsy and Ebay. The majority of the beads I use are glass, gemstone and freshwater pearl beads. A big part of making jewelry is searching for materials yourself and learning what works for you and your style along the way. I’ve found some of my favourite beads without input from anyone else! 

 “Is ___ available?”

If a product isn’t on my website, it’s either sold out or it’ll be available in my next drop! I usually drop pieces every other Friday at 6pm GMT, but check my Instagram bio for updates as sometimes this can change. If you have any questions about past or future pieces then drop me a message!

”Will there be more than one of these available?”

The vast majority of the pieces I make are one of a kind. Occasionally, I may remake earrings or simple necklaces but within drops themselves I’ll usually only have one of everything available.

“Do you ship to ___ ?”

I ship to most countries! Check my ‘Shipping policy’ page to see which countries I don’t ship to + general shipping rates. Shipping rates and delivery aims are automatically displayed and calculated at checkout. As stated in my policies, I am unable to charge VAT on EU orders, so if you prefer a more streamlined shipping process, please order through my Etsy where VAT is charged at the point of purchase.

“Are your earrings nickel free?”

My earring hooks are 304 stainless steel which is tarnish-resistant and generally a good option for sensitive ears. Their nickel content is approximately 8%, but due to their slow nickel release rate in compliance with EU regulations, they are unlikely to cause problems for most people. However, if you know you have problems with stainless steel earrings, or have a severe nickel allergy, then they might not be suitable for you. You can always switch out the hooks yourself too!

How heavy are your earrings?

It depends on the pair of earrings! Most of my earrings will not exceed 5 or 6g per earring (10 to 12g per pair), even those with more ‘cluttered elements’, and this is fairly wearable for most people. I usually make a note of the weight in the description so you can make an informed purchase :) If you’re ever curious about a pair of earrings, just send me a message! Everyone can tolerate different weights, so it might be useful to compare the weight of my earrings to that of a heavier pair you already own to identify your personal limit.

“Do you accept custom orders?”

Although I‘ve accepted custom orders in the past, I won’t be accepting them for the forseeable future as I’m enjoying focusing on my own projects! Thank you for understanding.